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We at SOSventures are proud and excited to launch IndieBio - a global accelerator program whose purpose is to catalyze and support the growing revolution in Synthetic Biology and Biology.

As we unlock the genome of humans and other animals, we will gain access to the blueprints of life on planet Earth. This basic knowledge is the beginning of a new type of technology using the life sciences as its basis. This is different than the biotech of 10 years ago - through fields like Bioinformatics, Synthetic Biology and others, biology has become the substrate technology rather than a means to an end.

We are a long way away though.

It took decades for the understanding and access of computers became widespread enough for a critical mass of people to become interested in the creation of software for these machines. As they became practically useful it fueled an entire economy around its creation.

It was not until the ability to build computers moved from academia to the hobbyists that companies like Microsoft, Apple and others were born.

We need to build a culture of rapid access to biology as a technology to get to the critical mass of people interested in solving human problems with biology. Until then our revolution will not occur. It necessarily comes from the bottom - from the hobbyists and tinkerers moved by curiosity and play.

IndieBio is another step in supporting the new biology revolution. We encourage you to apply for a spot today - even if you’re not a Phd or even a biologist. With the right mindset, determination and openness, everything is possible.

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