Indie Bio Applications open through Dec 7, SynBiota and SynBioBeta

We are incredibly excited about the inaugural class of companies that will be starting at in the coming months. The entire Indie Bio team is absolutely positive that the first class will amaze the world and building incredibly meaningful biotechnologies.

What we’ve also been hearing is that some of you need a little more time to work through ideas, get the right team members and pull together a pitch you’re happy with and we’ve heard that.

So we’d like to thank everyone that has applied by the Nov 7th deadline, your applications will get priority review and also let everyone know that we’ll be extending our deadline until Dec 7th to give everyone enough time.

So just to be clear you can still submit your startup ideas/proposal until Dec 7th 2014.

We also have a few additional exciting updates:

  • FUNDING: Firstly, this week you might have seen some changes of wording on the site about the seed round. That’s not a typo.  This week SOSVentures has raised the seed round funding from $35,000 to $50,000 for each company that comes into Indie Bio.  What’s more, if the team decides they want to stay, the offer includes one full year access to the lab and office space at the SF accelerator (it’s two blocks from the Powell Street BART and close to all that SOMA and the Mission has to offer).  Factoring in the rents, equipment in our state of the art lab, commercial other on site help with commercialization and planning, the total package of support has been upped substantially.
  • APPLICATIONS: we are still open for applications.  As we putting the space together and commence the selection process, we have decided to leave the applications process open until midnight Pacific Time on Dec 7, 2014.
  • FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED: We don’t want to short-change the applicants who worked hard to meet the deadline though.  We will start reviews and interviews this week and start bringing in companies in on a rolling basis.  The slots for the first class will start getting filled so polish your application: sooner is better!
  • SYNBIOTA: We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Synbiota, an open science and collaboration platform. Synbiota is a pioneer in doing distributed science with hundreds of scientists globally recently participating in their #Sciencehack 2014 event to parallel engineer a safe strain of E. coli that can make violacein on demand. Synbiota and Indie Bio will be working together to lower the cost, accelerate and fund global science! If you haven’t yet, sign up at Synbiota, there’s a world of science awaiting you!
  • SynBioBeta: We can’t wait until the 3rd Annual SynBioBeta conference, it is THE SynBio conference of the year and if you’re still sitting on the fence trying to decide whether a ticket is worth an investment of your hard earned dollars/euros/yen/yuan, it is, one day spent learning and networking at SynBioBeta is worth a year of networking outside of it. In addition, we’re delighted to be speaking about building and investing in SynBio startups and we’ll be available for quick pitches if you’re still looking to apply or just want to polish up your elevator pitch (keep an eye out for Ron or Ryan who will both be attending) Arvind, Bill and Sean will be sending their SynBio love from Paris and hopefully enjoying a wine with our biohacker friends at La Paillasse!

Any questions? Get in touch with us via twitter (@indbio) or facebook (!

Ron, Arvind, Ryan, Sean, Cathal and Bill

The Team

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