John Schloendorn

John Schloendorn, PhD founded Gene And Cell Technologies in 2013 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to founding Gene And Cell Technologies, John was the CEO of ImmunePath, a venture-backed regenerative medicine startup.  At ImmunePath, John oversaw the development of immune cell therapies from embryonic stem cells from 2009 to 2012.  Even though ImmunePath finished with positive pre-clinical results, it was ultimately unable to raise enough money for a clinical trial and closed its doors in 2012.  John also served as the Director of SENS Foundation’s intramural Research Center from 2006 to 2009, where he oversaw the development of enzyme therapies for age-related storage diseases and a variety of other projects through the pre-clinical stages.

A native of Germany, John holds a Green Card under the National Interest Waiver, a program designed to retain technology leaders considered of national interest to the USA.  At his young age of 34, he is author of several pubmed-indexed publications and inventor on several active patent applications.