Didier Hilhorst

Didier Hilhorst is the only designer at Flipboard with a graduate degree in Economics from Erasmus University, in Rotterdam. (He might be the only designer in the world with such a degree.) He also holds an M.A. from Interaction Design Institute, in Italy. A native of the Netherlands, Didier rapidly segued out of the world of banks and landed a job at IDEO, in Palo Alto, where he was an interaction designer. He then worked for a variety of Silicon Valley startups including IntoNow, a kind of Shazam for television that was acquired by Yahoo! in 2011. He came to Flipboard as a product designer that year and works on all aspects of the experience across multiple platforms. He drives an occasionally functioning 1969 Fiat 850 and, with his wife, is about to take a trip from Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Siberian Express.