Christof Koelsch

Christof is an Executive Vice President at Diaceutics, a boutique services company dedicated to supporting pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies globally in the successful development, commercialization, launch and life cycle management of personalized medicines. Leading the firm’s global consulting business, Christof combines his years of insight from working inside the pharmaceutical industry with his broad strategic consulting experience acriss the health care and life scences industries, to bring a strategic perspective to all of Diaceutics’ client engagements that goes beyond immediate project needs to consider how personalized medicine might be more broadly considered and implemented in the evolving healthcare environment.

With over fiften years experience in international healthcare and life sciences, Christof has worked very successfully with a wide range of large and mid-size pharma and biotech companies in Europe and the US on R&D, strategic marketing and corporate and business unit strategy topics. As a management consultant with The Boston Consulting Group, Christof focused on portfolio management and business and organizational development initiatives in the health care and life sciences industries. More recently, he was in charge of personalized medicine and biopharmaceuticals business strategy within the global strategic marketing group of GSK and subsequently led a number of strategic planning functions at GSK’s global vaccines business headquarters.

Christof studied Medicine, History, Art History and Philosophy at the University of Bonn, Germany, and received specialist medical training in Neurology.