Introducing SynBio axlr8r!

Synthetic Biology: The Future of Biotech
Revolutionizing and becoming an integral part of every major industry, including medicine, energy, agriculture and manufacturing. The effect Synthetic Biology will have on Biotech is comparable to the effect the microcontroller had on the computing industry.

Before the microcontroller, computers were seen as large, expensive things that only governments and a few large corporations could afford. Now, only 50 years later it’d be hard to imagine a world where computers weren’t a pervasive part of everything. So too will it be with Synthetic Biology and Biotech.

As exciting as this new biotech future will be, there are still many hurdles today for biotech entrepreneurs just starting out. In fact, there is such a lack of support for seed stage biotechs that the span from idea to viable proof of concept has earned the nickname the “Valley of Death of Biotech”.

Which is why we are excited to be announcing the launch of SynBio axlr8r. A 90 day accelerator specifically to help idea stage startups in the field of Synthetic Biology cross that valley.

How will we help 

Those accepted into SynBio axlr8r will receive:

  • $30k in funding
  • Bench space in a Wet Lab
  • Mentorship from some of the top experts in biotech and business.

Our first class will run from May 2014 to Augustl 2014 and take place in Cork City, Ireland.

The call for applications begins today and are open to anyone with a great idea and the dedication to make it a reality.

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Jacob Shiach
Program Director

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Jacob Shiach

Program Director at Indie Bio

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